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Warnard Hassing

Mannelijk vóór 1623 - 1663  (> 40 jaar)

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  • Naam Warnard Hassing 
    Geslacht Mannelijk 
    Geboren vóór 1623 
    Overleden dec 1663 
    Laatste wijziging 26 jan 2013 
    Aantal bezoeken 119 

    Gezin NN Unknown 
    +1.Mannelijk Bernhardus Hassing,   geb. 1636, Breukelen Zoek alle personen met gebeurtenissen in deze plaats,   ovl. 29 jul 1701 (65 jaar)
     2.Mannelijk Johannes Hassing,   geb. vóór 1645
    +3.Vrouwelijk Geertje Hassing,   geb. vóór 1645,   ovl. vóór 15 apr 1715 (< 70 jaar)
     4.Vrouwelijk Anna Hassing,   geb. vóór 1645
     5.Vrouwelijk Heijltje Hassing,   geb. vóór 1645
    Gezins-ID F1358972446  Gezinsblad  |  Familiekaart

  • Documenten
    Mvrs comitatus - 1606
    Mvrs comitatus - 1606
    Cleve et Murs Miliaria Germanica communia
    Cleve et Murs Miliaria Germanica communia
    Regionvm vrbium et fluminum quae potissimu comitatum Mvrs - 1606
    Regionvm vrbium et fluminum quae potissimu comitatum Mvrs - 1606

  • Aantekeningen 
    • Reverend. Also called Bernardus. Reverend Warnard Hassing was born before 1623 at the Netherlands. He was was sent by the Classis of Amsterdam to serve as a minister to Nieuwer-Amstel (now New Castle, Delaware) in 1663. He never completed thevoyage, dying on the passage.2 He emigrated from North Holland, Netherlands, leaving May 1663; Sent by the Church to minister in Delaware. He took his children with him. He died in December 1663. Died at sea, enroute to the New World.

      In New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 114, No. 4, Oct. 1983 (p236-240) James A. Rasmussen has written an atricle about "The Harsin Family of New York City". A fragment discusses the origin of the Hassing/Harsin family:
      John O. Evjen, Scandinavian lmmigrants in New York, 204, derives this family from the village of Hassing in Denmark, but it seems Louis P. DeBoer is more likely correct in his statement ("Selyns-Kock-Webber and Other Family Relations," REC. 57:374) that they we re originally from Antwerp, moving because of the lnquisition to Meurs near Roermond. DeBoer notes this manor later came under the ownership of the city of Amsterdam, which also owned the South River Colony, and that the Rev. Warnardus Harsin was of a branch ofthe family evidently living by the mid 17th century at Breucklen in Utrecht province. The parish registers for Breucklen's Reformed congregation are not available before 1686 nor apparently are notarial records before 1691. Court records do exist from 1642, but have not been examined.
      De Boer further suggests, correctly it would seem, that the Bernardus, Johannes, Geertruy and Heyltje Hassing who first appear in the records of the Dutch Church at New York City in and shortly after 1666, were surviving children of the Rev. Warnardus Harsin. The church's membership list may allow us to note another child, Anna, whose name is entered the same date as those of Wolfert Webbers and Geertruyd Hassing, 15July 1668, but is not thereafter of record.
      Source: James A. Rasmussen; New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 114, No. 4, Oct. 1983 (p236-240)

      On the 17th century maps on this page, the county of Meurs (Muers, Mürs, Moers) can be found. It is situated in nowadays Germany along the Rhein river, around 70 km (44 miles) North-East of Roermond, Netherlands. These maps are available at the University Library Berne (Switzerland). The map Mürs comitatus; Regionvm vrbiuet fluminum quæ potissimum comitatum Mürs ambiunt brevis descriptio is created by Jodocus Hondius and Gerhard Mercator (1512-1594) and published by Jodocus Hondius in 1606 in Amsterdam. The map Cleve et Murs / Petrus Kærius cælavit is created by Pieter van den Keere and Gerhard Mercator and published by Cloppenburgh in 1630 in Amsterdam.

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